Mountain Trainin Picture

Mountain Trainin Picture

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Competition Time...

Well its that time of year again, competition time! This year marked the 4th annual National College Climbing Association competition which took place at the Rock & Rapid Climbing Centre in North Devon. After a 90 minute drive from Torbaydos we finally arrived at the wall. We came equipped with two reasonably strong six person teams, tonnes of confidence, Reynolds and his mix tape and most importantly cake.

 After being briefed on all the rules, regulations etc we set off to try and warm the muscles in the extreme sub Arctic conditions! After a bit of warming up we split up in to our two teams and also our categorized teams. The teams were as follows: Team A speed and boulder: Myself, Stan and Andy B. Team A top-rope and circuit: Briony, Ellis and Andy W. Team B speed and boulder: Chelsea, Sam D and Sam F. Team B top-rope and circuit: Craig, Callum and Luke.

Team photo...

 A quick flash from myself Stan and Andy on the first boulder problem ensured that we got off to a great start with maximum points. Whilst Stan flashed the 2nd boulder with ease the rest of the team were off gaining valuable points in both the speed and top roping categories. After a few attempts on the 2nd boulder and watching Stan pull some moves on the 3 boulder problem we went to the main area to compete in the speed climbing category. Roughly 12 metres in height with a slight overhang was the chosen line for this category. After aggressively pulling on big jugs, myself, Stan and Andy recorded some good times with 11 seconds, 11 seconds and 15 seconds respectively. By this time the others in the group were also raking in valuable points on the circuit and bouldering routes. Next up was Ellis on the circuit route, circling it 6 times with ease ensured that maximum points were achieved! Now that the team categories were completed individuals were given the option of competing in a leading competition. Starting at a grade of 7a and then 8a it was not surprising that Ellis took the opportunity to show us all some flair and bagged 1st place in the individual lead competition. Well done mate! 

                                       Ellis on the circuit problem...

                                         Stan on the 7a lead route...

Lead Competition
1st Ellis Butler Barker South Devon College
2nd Matt Parkinson Duchy College
3rd Dave Bryant Bicton College

Team Event
1st Bicton (A)
2nd South Devon (A)
3rd Bicton (B)
4th Duchy (A)
5th Bicton (C)
6th South Devon (B)
7th Petroc (A)
8th Truro (A)
9th Duchy (B)

All in all a great day had by all. Massive thanks to Briony Martin for organising the trip!
All photos courtesy of Briony Martin

Now time to get training and take 1st place next year...