Mountain Trainin Picture

Mountain Trainin Picture

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Foundation Coach Training

Now that we are in the new year I now have time to finally follow up from my last blog post.
Towards the end of December I managed to run many coaching sessions at work. This was very beneficial to my junior clubs as I can see a steady progression in their personal development.

 Now that I have done a large amount of indoor climbing coaching I decided that it was time to attend a climbing coach training. Luckily for myself there was one running at Plymouth High Sports. The individual running the training course was Paul Smith. A renowned climbing coach and author of some very popular climbing books.

The training lasted a full day and covered a wide range of coaching topics such as learning styles, methods of coaching delivery, stages of motor learning and skill acquisition.

Holistic Observation...

The coaching award scheme is a new coaching concept and award delivered by approved mountain training providers. It is a worthwhile award for coaches who would like to develop their own coaching ability and to also give aspirant coaches an underlying knowledge of the key concepts of coaching.

Paul Smith is a coach and provider whom I would highly recommend. He can be contacted through his website at Rock and Water Adventures.

Paul smith is the author of both 'Climbing Games' and 'Top Tips for Climbing Coaches'.

Smith, P. (2009) Climbing Games. Caernarfon: Pesda Press.

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