Mountain Trainin Picture

Mountain Trainin Picture

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Orkney Outdoor Learning Programme (week 5) 22nd - 26th June 2015

The first half of this week saw myself, Dave and Mick working on Hoy with both Firth and Evie Schools. The school pupils were participating in a residential setting.

During the week, Firth and Evie pupils participated in coasteering, bushcraft, gorge walking and tyrolean crossing sessions. According to the feedback, the puipls particularly enjoyed both the tyrolean crossing and coasteering.

Firth and Evie pupils in the Candle of the Sail gorge

Firth and Evie pupils bush-crafting in the Hoy Lodge Plantation
Glaitness pupils on the mobile climbing tower
On the Thursday, myself, Mick, Dave and Chris were all on the mainland running a range of activities for Glaitness School. Based on the Peedie sea. The pupils participated in bushcraft, canoeing and climbing tower sessions. The local paper even turned up to get some shots of the activities which are to be published in the forthcoming newspaper publication.

Another great week with some fantastic pupils and teachers alike.

Next week we will be working with the Hoy Development Trust before packing up and heading to the Mainland for the July programme.

Orkney Outdoor Learning Programme - (Week 4) 15th - 19th June 2015

The first half of this week saw both myself and Ron working on the Mainland delivering activities for both Stennes and Orphir Schools.

Ron ran a range of open canoeing sessions on Scapa Beach and I ran abseiling sessions on the West side of Scapa Bay.

The 2nd half of the week mself, Dave and Mick were running sessions on Hoy for Shapinsay School. Shapinsay pupils enjoyed a range of activities including; coasteering, gorge walking, raft building, bushcraft and a tyrolean crossing.

Abseiling at Scapa Bay with Stennes and Orphir
Raft building on Sandy Loch with Shapinsay School
Tyrolean crossing at Muckle Head, Hoy, with Shapinsay School

A great week with some fantastic groups.

Next week we will be working with Glaitness School and both Firth and Evie.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Orkney Outdoor Learning Programme - (Week 3) 8th - 12th June 2015

This week we continued our work with Robert Gordon College. On the Monday the group participated in a hill walking day. The group walked from the centre, over the top of the Cuilags, and passing St Johns Head before arriving at the Old Man of Hoy. After watching 2 teams climbing the stack we headed down to Rackwick before leaving Hoy for the bright lights of the mainland.

On Tuesday myself, Mick and Chris were on the Island of Rousay delivering activities to the local community school.

The pupils enjoyed bushcraft, open canoeing, abseiling and rock climbing. The climbing was particularly interesting as the site had never been used before. Meaning that the pupils were effectively the first ascensionists. Brilliant.
Abseiling at Li-Ber, Isle of Rousay

On the Friday myself, Mick and Dave went on a reccy mission to find a new coasteering venue. In the end we managed to open up a new coasteering site at the Hill of White Hamars.

Next week we will be working with Stennes and Orphir schools on the Mainland and Shapinsay school on Hoy.

Orkney Outdoor Learning Programme - (Week 2) 1st - 7th June 2015

This wek myself Dave and Mick have been working with Stromness Academy, Kirkwall Grammar School and Robert Gordon College. All groups have been participating in a residential capacity.

During the week Kirkwall Grammar School pupils participated in raft building, coasteering and sit on top kayaking sessions and Stromness Primary pupils coasteered and done a walk to and from the Old Man of Hoy.

On the Sunday, Robert Gordon College pupils participated in a very swell-tastic coasteering session at the Hamars. Great.
Stromness primary pupils at the Old Man of Hoy...

Next week we are working with Robert Gordon College on Hoy and Rousay Community School on the Isle of Rousay.