Mountain Trainin Picture

Mountain Trainin Picture

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Unfinished business in Tyndrum...

As I watch the train roll away from Tyndrum Lower station I fumble about putting my gloves on whilst crossing the rails to reach the track leading to the Connonish valley. Its just turned 7:30am. The air is cold, the moon is high in the sky, fog obscures the dark path ahead. Ice axe in hand ready to ward off any imaginary beasts.

The reintroduction of wolves and bears to the Scottish highlands is an on going debate. An idea I'm slightly in favour of. However, I'm glad that nothing is watching me from a distance as I make my way along this dark track. The last time I walked along this track was June 2013. On a mission to climb Beinn Dubhcraig and Ben Oss. I only succeeded in climbing the former before bailing out and running back to the train station.

Sun rising behind Beinn Dubhcraig...
I finally reach the end of the path and enter the wide Connonish valley. The sky is filled with pink and orange hues as the sun slowly creeps up behind Beinn Dubhcraig. Continuing along the track I pass Connonish farm and the gold mining project on the Corbett of Beinn Chuirn before finally arriving at the foot of Beinn Laoigh.

Stopping here to sort out my loosening boots I check out the ascent ahead. After rearranging some layers and having a drink I decide to crack on. I enter the Coire Gaothach and slowly progress upwards before reaching the North East ridge that leads to the summit. I finally arrive at the summit and due to the excellent visibility, all surrounding hills are visible, including Beinn a' Chleibh, my next target.
Summit Cairn of Beinn Laoigh...

Time is now pressing on so I quickly head South Westerly to reach the saddle between the two peaks before quickly ascending the broad East ridge of Beinn a'Chleibh. I finally reach the summit of my second Munro of the day before 12 noon. A quick bite to eat and a drink here before heading back down to the saddle.

From here I contour around the Coire Annaich to the Creag Dhubh a' Bhealach and head North Easterly slowly ascending in deteriorating conditions to the summit of Ben Oss. Munro number three of the day. By now all ground above 800 metres is a whiteout so I take a compass bearing and head off down to the Bealach Buidhe. From here I can see loch Oss and the Connonish Valley. I decide not to go up Beinn Dubhchraig having done it before and instead head down to Coire Buidhe and head straight from here to the Connonish Valley track.

I finally reach the track and continue on the long walk out back to the train station. After several stops to give the legs and feet a quick break I finally reach the train station. Another quality mountain day in the bag.

Munros: 3.
Time: 7 Hours and 45 minutes.
Distance: 23.03 Km.
Height Gain: 1,600 metres.
Route profile...

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